Blue Bares All For Attitude

Well what do you know?

Remember UK band Blue that split a few years ago and some of the members went to do their solo projects, and some got mad media attention when came out of the close? Yeah, their numero uno hottie Duncan James when he said he’s officially bisexual [but we know he favors the dick]

The Blue boys decided to make a comeback but not with music, yet, but as man candy all stripped on the cover of the UK’s leading gay magazine, Attitude.

These images have leaked. Now Simone is a fine dark chocolate. The other one Anthony is like blah..lazy ass flat ass no appeal for shit.

Why the HELL I didn’t get sexy ass Duncan and Lee yet? “stomps the ground”

Anyway I’m sure they’ll surface quick.


2 Responses to Blue Bares All For Attitude

  1. Bobby says:

    Umm this was an April Fools joke…

  2. Amnesia says:

    Ummm….no Bobby it was not….I have seen the pics!!!!!!!!!

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