Josh Hopkins Enjoys The Ocean, His Trunks Don’t…

I love a man at the ripe age of 40 with hunky sexy looks. Like our starter dish for the day, Josh Hopkins.

This fine mature sex candy enjoyed a day at the beach yesterday at St.Bartes with Cougar Town co star Courtney Cox, and amid all the laughs, his trunks seems to have a problem to hold on to his tight yummy ass.

It was no challenge for Josh to fight the tides, keep the trunks on, and still look oh so doable.

Nude beach next time baby.

4 Responses to Josh Hopkins Enjoys The Ocean, His Trunks Don’t…

  1. this_is_he says:

    I’ve never seen such impractical swimwear!! LOL LOL

  2. Shack says:

    Maybe if he wore smaller swim trunks, they would stay on easier. Perhaps a bikini or thong?

  3. Blake says:

    Hot guy, is he the one who dated Chelsea Handler for a while? The “animal guy”? lol
    Anyway, love a sexy older man and too bad those shorts couldn’t fall totally off!

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