Cam Gigandet Sports New Do

Sexy ass Cam Gigandet sported a new do at the WonderCon 2011 earlier today. He’s sexy as fuck but I wanna know if you approve the spikes and the new color.

3 Responses to Cam Gigandet Sports New Do

  1. mattyboi says:

    does not work for him, way sexier with dark hair, this do just makes him look older, and not in a good way.

  2. Dali says:

    Still love him in black( the guy next door look), not blond or platinum though its the in-color. Not everyone can go with the color.
    Makes him look sleazy as just after a good or bad night, slightly age y and the unshaven look don’t go with the do. Try some other cool dark colors … x

  3. Michael says:

    Spiky blonde or dark with guy liner….. Either way, if he showed up at my door, ………. Ahh the possibilities!!!!!

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