Sizzle Me Baby

Make sure you drop to Miami for the sexiest hottest party of the year, Sizzle Miami. For details check Sizzle Miami and be party of the sexiness.

I might strongly attend if in the country. See you there ;)

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  1. Arie says:

    The more you comment, the more that I like you mookz, lol! They need soap in their mtuohs , pluhhh. I am not digging the Nazi language patrol at all. My children came out of the womb hearing me cus up a storm, and it hasn’t damaged them one iota. It’s one thing to perhaps use a warning system for those with virginal ears , but a whole other issue to preface a video with what most would consider a form of child abuse, let alone suggesting it for adults. Freedom of speech, people. It will sure be a shame when people start getting offended when people meet in public and want to talk about God or religion, politics, etc., and The Man finally gets his way and all that we can talk about is the weather in vague, non-descriptive terms. Yep, press that thumbs down button, lol.

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